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Gastrointestinal Program Description


Gastrointestinal Program Overview – California Oncology Research Institute

As one of the leading cancer research institutes, the goal of the Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Program at CORI is to improve staging accuracy and develop innovative and effective therapeutic strategies for the treatment of GI cancers. Our dedicated teams of surgeons are at the forefront of establishing guidelines for GI cancers, while focusing on the improvement of survival rates and increasing the overall quality of life for each of our patients. The program combines existing treatment options and new therapies, along with clinical trial options, with the most comprehensive and specialized care available.


An integrated program with a multidisciplinary approach, our program focuses on early detection, prevention, and treatment of several GI cancers, including colorectal, liver, stomach and the pancreas. Each program is highly established and incorporates all clinical aspects with our core research elements. Our research teams conduct studies most relevant to our patients’ needs with a continuing emphasis on collaboration with international experts, while our surgeons publish papers to create quality measures and procedures for the latest in gastrointestinal cancers.


Our many notable achievements in surgical oncology have enabled CORI to remain a leader in the study and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. Today, CORI surgeons have helped established guidelines for colorectal cancer with spread to the liver, which has contributed to the transformation of advanced colon cancer as a terminal prognosis to a more chronic disease, such as diabetes or hypertension. In rectal cancer patients, our surgeons meticulously avoid colostomies and preserve nerves to maintain potency and continence. Because of technological advances and skill in liver surgery, our surgeons rarely transfuse patients, often allowing patients to be discharged from the hospital within a few days. With our additional expertise in pancreatic cancer, CORI surgeons can perform Whipple procedures with few complications and minimal blood transfusions, while working closely with oncology specialists to provide the latest drugs and all available treatments. CORI surgeons are also international leaders with extensive experience in eliminating tumors without surgery through heat ablative techniques, enabling patients the ability to leave the hospital immediately following the procedure.

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