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Why California Oncology Research Institute (CORI)?



Innovation. Discovery. Compassion.

Now more than ever, cancer patients are living longer with their disease.
When you select a cancer institute, you make an important decision. It is a decision that will guide your treatment, level of comfort, and individualized care. Perhaps a daunting task, it is important to evaluate your decision based on the level of innovation, discovery, and compassion that a comprehensive cancer research institute provides. You choose an institute that combines the innovation and discoveries of a world renowned team of scientific researchers, along with our expert team of surgical oncologists that provide treatment that isn’t just about identifying you as a form of cancer.  You want to know that your experience is not just about surgery, patient visits, or even a clinical trial. You want to know that the care you receive is about relationship building. At CORI, we are at the forefront of innovation and the discovery of newly integrative cancer therapies and treatments, along with our compassionate approach to patient care.

Detection, Screening, and Prevention Advantages
The fight against cancer begins with diligence. Paramount to preventing any cancer is early detection and screening. Our dedicated teams of oncologists perform “due diligence” to ensure that each of our patients is constantly and routinely screened for cancer.  We offer various patient education resources, assessment programs, imaging, and preventive care options to determine risk factors in all of our patients:

  • Advanced diagnostic imaging including MRI, PET/CT, CT, chest x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, and colonoscopy
  • Genetic and tumor specimen testing
  • Biopsies and targeted fine-needle aspirations
  • Routine blood work exams
  • Preventive and risk-reducing surgery and physical exams
  • Research studies for cancer screening
  • Personal and individualized prevention plans
  • Educational materials on self-skin exams, skin protective clothing, nutrition, and hereditary cancer risk information

Comprehensive Approach
CORI cancer specialists offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach when treating our patients. Our surgical oncologists work collaboratively with radiation and medical oncologists, other surgeons, pathologists, disease specialists, radiologists, and referring physicians to develop the best treatment plan possible, with access to the latest drugs and treatment options available. We work closely with patients to offer support in a variety of programs, including support groups, counseling, rehabilitation, and managing cancer pain and symptoms, and communicate regularly with our patients’ physicians after surgical procedures and treatment.

Innovative Research
Internationally recognized as clinicians, CORI surgeons are also innovators in cancer research. Our world-class facilities at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) are studying cancers to improve staging accuracy, newly integrative therapies, the role of genetics, and how cancer escapes attack from the immune system. In conjunction with UCLA, our research also extends globally across four continents, collaborating on joint research initiatives, and clinical trials. Much of CORI’s research has garnered international attention and acclaim by distinguished medical journals and publications, and domestically by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). By combining basic, clinical, and translational (discovery to patient care) research, CORI is a leader with its many advantages in cancer research:

  • Direct access to tumor tissue for research and diagnostic purposes
  • Only international clinical trial to combine surgery, pathology, and genetics (3 core disciplines)
  • Novel surgical approaches that prolong survival in all patients
  • Advanced and patented studies on more protective sunscreens
  • Development of “agents” to stimulate the immune system and reduce the spread of cancers
  • Identification of mechanisms that cause cancer spread (metastases)
  • Improved methods to determine success rates of chemotherapies
  • Federally and privately funded research
  • International multicenter clinical trials
  • State-of-the art research laboratories and the latest technology available
  • Research data published in global cancer research journals

Unparalleled Achievements
CORI surgeons have made significant contributions in the surgical treatment of cancer. With extensive surgical expertise on large patient populations, unmatched in many cancer treatment centers, we are able to combine the latest discoveries in our research and apply them surgically in our procedures. Together, with our team of treatment specialists, we can develop approaches that combine expertise with the very best cancer surgeons in the world. In the future, CORI is well-positioned to continue its success based on its current achievements.
Gastrointestinal Cancers:

  • Largest experience globally destroying tumors without surgery (radiofrequency ablation)
  • One of the leading centers  globally in the surgical treatment of liver and colon cancer
  • Credited with creation of colorectal guidelines for treatment of colorectal cancer with spread to the liver
  • Patients are rarely transfused following liver operations, often walking and eating the day following surgery
  • High-rate of successful “Whipple” procedures on patients with pancreatic malignancies without complications

Skin Cancer and Melanoma:

  • One of the leading centers globally in the treatment of skin cancer and melanoma
  • Secured federal approval for the use of PET/CT imaging in the detection of melanoma
  • Implemented the usage of specialized “probes” in surgery to determine the spread of cancer

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Combined Accomplishments:

  • Nearly 300 published articles on cancer research in distinguished cancer journals worldwide
  • Nearly 150 invited lectures to present on developments in cancer research
  • Surgeons perform major liver, pancreas, and melanoma surgeries weekly with outstanding results and long-term survival
  • Patients travel globally to seek treatment with our surgical oncologists
  • Medical oncologists consult with our surgeons to better understand disease and course of treatments
  • Surgeons participate and contribute in national surgical and cancer societies to develop, shape, and guide current research and treatment methods
  • Participation in international debates on cancer treatment and research protocols
  • Asked to conduct interviews in the media relating to cancer treatment
  • Analyze patient tumors to customize treatment accordingly
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